What is the Difference between Junglee.com and amazon.com?

Hey friends do you know that world most popular eCommerce site Amazon.com has launched in India with the name Junglee.com.
But there is some difference between Amazon.com and Junglee.com

Differences between Amazon.com and Junglee.com vs flipkart.com
1. It is world top eCommerce site.
2. It sell its own items only.
3. Amazon itself responsible for its product delivery.
4. It is not provide platform for other sellers.

1. It is new launched eCommerce in India by Amazon. It it competitor of flipkart.com
2. It will sell its own items and provide platform for other Indian seller also.
3. Junglee.com will not responsible for product delivery, the particular seller will be responsible for product delivery.
4. It provide platform for other sellers.


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