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Download Question Paper for Bank of Baroda Clerk Exam

If you are looking for Sample Question Paper for Bank of Baroda Clerical Examination, than this post will definitely help you.

This post features Two Sample Examination Paper for upcoming Bank of Baroda Clerical Examination.
The BOB Clerical Question Paper 1 consists of following Main Sections:

Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude) Section – 40 Questions
English Section – 40 Questions
Reasoning Section – 40 Questions

Bank of Baroda Clerical Exam Sample Question Paper 1

Also The BOB Clerical Question Paper 2 consists of following Main Sections:

Mathematics (Quantitative Aptitude) Section – 40 Questions
English Section – 50 Questions
Reasoning Section – 40 Questions

Bank of Baroda Clerical Exam Sample Question Paper 2
The above files are in PDF Format and will open with any version ofAdobe Reader. Also following are some of the Recommended Books for Bank of Baroda Clerical Examination:

Quantitative Aptitude (Maths + Data Analysis/Interpretation) Section– R.S. Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude
Reasoning …

United Bank of India – General Awareness (quiz)

(GK,General Knowledge, Current affairs,quiz,competitive exams,preparation, objective type question answer)
United Bank of India – General Awareness 2009
1. Very often we see in the advertisements published by Financing Institutes/Agencies stating that their products are given high or average Ratings. These Rating Agencies classify bonds/investments in how many categories ?
1. Low Risk
2. Average Risk
3. High Risk
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1, 2 and 3
(E) None of these
Ans : (D)

2. As per the reports published in various newspapers/journals etc. the economic map of the world is being redesigned. What is/are the new emerging trends of this new economic map of the world ?
1. With India and Asia at the forefront the centre of economic gravity has shifted to East.
2. Emerging markets, with India among the leaders, are growing faster than old established markets.
3. Central banks of the countries have recognized that case-by-case liquidity solutions are not the answers and a market wide and …

current affairs Quiz for Banking and ALL Other Exams

1.Recently two of Indian music maestros A R Rahman and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan have been nominated for Grammy awards. Ustad Amjad ali khan has been nominated for which of his work?
(A)Abba- God’s Greatest Gift to us
(B)Common Destination
(C)Ancient Sounds
(E)None of them

Ans. (C) Ancient Sounds

2.Which among the following is correct about “Dastkar” which was recently in news as it collaborates with Marie Claire magazine for Made in India Awards?
(A)It is an NGO working for welfare of Crafts people
(B)It is a magazine which publishes issues related to Indian handicrafts
(C)It is a society for crafts and Craft People
(D)It is a scheme of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India
(E)None of them

Ans. (C) It is a society for crafts and Craft People

3.Recently where was inaugurated country’s first arbitration centre for the speedy disposal of cases?
(B)New Delhi

Ans. (B) New Delhi

4.NASSCOM has started a series of reports title as ”Opportunities for Indian IT…

Latest CURRENT AFFAIRS Quiz APRIL – MAY 2010 ( | ||Current affairs blog) | PART-I

welcome in this current affairs quizzes blog, we will continuously add new resource to help you on current affairs which will be very helpful in exams. We have already added
2010 General Knowledge, Current Affairs 2010 Gk Questions and more. The Current Affairs Quiz will help you in competitive exams and current affairs of India and the world targeted at getting you ready for the UPSC exam.
So regularly go through Current Affairs Quiz Month wise.
Here you can put comments if you have any questions related to Current Affairs or any other question.
Click here for latest Current Affairs

Bank PO Exam

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Delays of several months in National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) wage payments and worksites where labourers have lost all hope of being paid at all have become the norm in many States. How are workers who exist on the margins of subsistence supposed to feed their families ? Under the scheme, workers must be paid within 15 days, failing which they are entitled to compensation under the Payment of Wages Act-upto Rs. 3,000/- per aggrieved worker. In reality, compensation is received in only a few isolated instances.

It is often argued by officials that the main reason for the delay is the inability of banks and post offices to handle mass payments of NREGS wages. Though there is a grain of truth in this, as a diagnosis it is misleading. The ‘jam’ in the banking system has been the result of the ha…

Haryana Objective GK Quiz

1. At which of the following place was the famous battle of Panipat fought?
(A) Kurukshetra
(B) Sirsa
(C) Panipat
(D) Jind
Ans : (A)

2. In 1526 the famous battle between Babar and Ibrahim Lodi was fought at—
(A) Kurukshetra
(B) Rewari
(C) Panipat
(D) Patiali
Ans : (C)

3. When was the famous battle of Panipat fought?
(A) 1539
(B) 1556
(C) 1565
(D) 1576
Ans : (B)

4. The third battle of Panipat was fought between—
(A) Ahmad Shah Abdali and Maratha rulers
(B) Nadir Shah and Mohd. Shah
(C) Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Mohd. Gauri
(D) Sher Khan and Humayun
Ans : (A)

5. At which place of Haryana did Lord Krishna preach the message of Geeta ?
(A) Ambala
(B) Sonipat
(C) Yamuna Nagar
(D) Kurukshetra
Ans : (D)

6. In 1947 when India was declared Independent, which of the following States was Haryana a part?
(A) Delhi
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Punjab
(D) Jammu Kashmir
Ans : (C)

7. When was the State of Haryana formed?
(A) 1st Nov., 1966
(B) 10th Dec., 1966
(C) 2nd Jan., 1967
(D) 4th March, 1967
Ans : (A)

8. With how many states does the boundar…

Current Affairs Question of all Countries ( we are providing)

Current affairs 2010 for bank exams | Latest quizzes| | objective questions| | | | SBI | gk questions | current affairs for kids | General knowledge| Competitive exams | Bank po Latest current affairs | |||Current affairs blog|
Here We will provide Current Affairs Question of all Countries
So enjoy........
List of the countries
1 Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanestan
2 Albania Albanie Shqiperia
3 Algeria Algérie Al Jaza'ir
4 American Samoa Samoa Américaines American Samoa
5 Andorra Andorre Andorra
6 Angola Angola Angola
7 Anguilla Anguilla Anguilla
8 Antarctica Antarctique Antarctica
9 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua-et-Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
10 Argentina Argentine Argentina
11 Armenia Arménie Hayastan
12 Aruba Aruba Aruba
13 Ascension Island Îles d'Ascension Ascension
14 Australia Au…

First in India

First in India

1. Indian Member of Viceroy’s Executive Council – Sri S.P. Sinha
2. Indian to swim across English Channel – Mihir Sen
3. Man to climb Mount Everest twice – Nwang Gombu
4. Nobel Prize winner – Rabindra Nath Tagore
5. Indian woman to swim across-English Channel – Miss Arati Saha
6. Man to climb Mount Everest – Tenzing Norgay
7. Man to climb Mount Everest without Oxygen – Phu Dorjee
8. The first woman Commissioner of Police of an Indian metro – (Chennai Metro Police) Letika Saran
9. The first Indian to Ski to the North Pole – Ajeet Bajaj (April 26, 2006)
10. The first sportsman ever to win Gold Medal in Shooting in the World Shooting Championship – Abhinav Bindra (July 24, 2006)
11. The first person of Indian origin to win the Miss Great Britain title – Preeti Desai (2006)
12. The first woman President of the Republic of India – Pratibha Patil
13. President of Indian National Congress – W. C. Banerjee
14. President of Indian Republic - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
15. Talkie Film …