4 Feb 2012 : Economic and Banking Current Affairs : Quiz:-142

Economic Current affairs for upcoming Bank Exam 2012 

1. Which organization provides credit history of borrowers?

2. According to latest Economic survey, which sector will provide largest share to Indian economy in the days to come?
Ans.  Services.

3. What does the letter `S` depict in the term SME as used in the financial world?
Ans. Standard.

4. Which agencies is provided Unique Identity Cards to all India Residents?
Ans. Ministry Foreign Affairs

5. Which is the target fixed for maintaining fiscal deficit in the Union Budget of India?
Ans.  4.6 per cent of GDP.

6. In India Banks are regulate under which Act?
Ans. Banking Regulation Act 1949.

7. Foundation of R.B.I. in what year?
Ans. In  year 1930.

8. What is the name of India oldest public sector bank ?
Ans .Allahabad  Bank.

9. Which bank in India get the first ISO certification.
Ans .Canara  Bank.

10. Name the Prime-minister who first start the Nationalization of Bank in India?
Ans. Indira  Ghandhi.


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