Check the Current Location of Indian Trains on Google Map

The Indian Railways has just launched RailRadar, a useful website that shows the current geographical location of any train on a Google Map.

To get started, you can zoom-in to any location /city on the map to see all the trains which are arriving at the station or have just departed. Or you can use expand the left sidebar to search trains by name, by train number or by the station name.
If you click a particular train, the map will also show the exact route of the train including all the stops and the current location of the train. The train markers highlighted in blue indicate trains that are running on time while the red markers indicate trains that are delayed or behind schedule.
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"Swaraj ka Sankalp" Arvind Kejriwal's party envisions direct rule of people

Direct rule of the people, fighting corruption and eliminating price rise will be the focus of the political party being started by Arvind Kejriwal and other activists, a vision document for the party said.

The document comes as Kejriwal, along with other colleagues of the erstwhile Team Anna, is set to announce his political party."It is a big day for the common people. 

They are fed up of corrupt politicians and rising prices and are coming together to change the politics of the country," Kejriwal ,donning a Gandhi cap with "Mein hoon aam admi, mujhe chahiye Janlokpal" (I am common man, I want Jan Lokpal) printed on it, told reporters shortly before he started a meeting with other activists on Tuesday.

 The vision document terms the decision to launch a party as the "quest for swaraj (self rule) - from subjecthood to citizenship".It also seeks establishment of a Janlokpal, and electoral reforms to "eliminate role of money and muscle power" from elections.

"Citizens must be consulted on any decision that affects their livelihood. Broad ranging and fundamental administrative, police and judicial reforms need to be initiated so that the interface of common citizen with public functionaries is not marked by bribes, delay and indignity," said the document.

"All public functionaries should be made accountable to people. Private monopoly on natural resources would not be allowed," it said."This is just a trailer. Once the party is launched, the full picture will be seen," activist and key member Yogendra Yadav said referring to the document.

Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, and Manish Sisodia were the other key members present. 

The vision document is, however, to be edited after more consultations, Manish Sisodia said.

Name for the new party will be announced Nov 26, on constitution day.

Kejriwal, who was among the key members to draft anti-graft legislation for formation of Lokpal, announced launch of his political party recently, resulting in a rift with Anna Hazare, the face of the campaign.

He reiterated that there was no rift between them.

Discussing his political outfit, Kejriwal said: "People will give us money - they will campaign, they will fight the elections."

He said the party would contest assembly elections in Delhi next year. Replying to a question on Hazare supporting the outfit, Kejriwal said: "It is a test for us. If we put up good candidates, Anna will support.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) welcomed the move, saying all Indians had the right to contest elections.

"There are so many political parties and it is good they are floating a party. All citizens have the right to form a party and contest elections," said BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain.
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