Download/Watch Live broadcast of Burj Khalifa New Year 2012

Watch Live broadcast of Burj Khalifa New Year 2012
Hi Happy New Year 2012 
You can see the live telecast of Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower of New year 2012 Celebration
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Now Restart your browser or referesh this page then you will see a download link on the top of this video.
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Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education February 2012 Notice

Sikkim Manipal University 2012 Exam :- 
Special Re-sitting option for February 2012 Examinations 
The students who appeared but could not clear the November 11 Examinations are allowed to apply for re-sitting papers to be held in the month of February 12 Examinations.
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Real Estate (NRI FAQ) 2012 RBI QUIZ:-123

Hi this quiz is related to Real Estate (NRI FAQ)

NRI Property Related Quiz :-
Source:-RBI (

Q.1. Who can purchase immovable property in India?
Ans. Under the general permission available, the following categories can purchase immovable property in India:
i) Non-Resident Indian (NRI)1
ii) Person of Indian Origin (PIO)2
 The general permission, however, covers only purchase of residential and commercial property and is not available for purchase of agricultural land /plantation property / farm house in India.

Q.2. Can NRI/PIO acquire agricultural land/ plantation property / farm house in India?
Ans.  No.

Q.3.  Are any documents required to be filed with the Reserve Bank after the purchase?
Ans.  No. An NRI / PIO who has purchased residential / commercial property under general permission, is not required to file any documents/reports with the Reserve Bank.

Q.4. How many residential / commercial properties can NRI / PIO purchase under the general permission?
Ans. There are no restrictions on the number of residential / commercial properties that can be purchased.

Q.5. Can a foreign national of non-Indian origin be a second holder to immovable property purchased by NRI / PIO?
Ans.  No.

Q.6. Can a foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India purchase immovable property in India?
Ans.  No.

Q.7. Can a foreign national who is a person resident in India purchase immovable property in India?
Ans. Yes

Q.8. Can a non-resident inherit immovable property in India?
Ans. Yes

Q.9. Can an NRI/foreign national sell his residential / commercial property?
Ans. (a) NRI can sell property in India to
i) a person resident in India; or
ii) an NRI; or
iii) a PIO.

Q.10. Can a non-resident gift his residential / commercial property?
Ans. Yes.

Q.11. Can NRI / PIO rent out the residential / commercial property purchased out of foreign exchange / rupee funds?
Ans. Yes

All the above notifications and A.P. (DIR Series) Circulars are available on the RBI website: The Master Circular on Acquisition and | MDU Result New Site

MDU ROHTAK Haryana NEW Website

Online study materiel (MCA) :-
MDU Welcome Message :-
Welcome to MDU
Distance Education is an established and recognized mode of education which is in consonance with changing socio-economic needs and emerging demands of the knowledge era. Keeping up with the spirit of Open University system and in the view of long-standing demand of heterogeneous groups of student’s community, the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (MDU), has started a wide spectrum of courses. Over the years, DDE has expanded tremendously in terms of programmes, enrolment and study centers.

The various programmes offered by the Directorate range from conventional to management and technical as per needs of the area and employment opportunities available in the country. 



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Anna Hazare's three-day fast LIVE STREAMING

State Wise Registration on | Total

Region /State wise Registration on for Anna's "Jail Bharo Andolan"
Till now (27 Dec 2011) Total 162483 People registered by SMS and by internet 


Are you facing problem in opening ?
Don't worry about it, 
Current site for Jail Bharo Andolan is So don't try etc
Click here for write site 

till now more than 1 lakh people registered here 


में :- सर मुझे एक हफ्ते की छुट्टी चाहिए
सर:- किस लिए न्यू इयर पर घर जा रहे होए क्या?
इर्क्ट पर रिजर्वेसन तो करवाही चुके होगे ?
में:- हा सर रिजर्वेसन हो करवा चुके है ,
सर :- यहा पर बहुत जरुरी काम है , तुमको ट्रेन की रिजर्वेसन कैंसल करवानी होगी.
में:- सर आप गलत समझ रहे है , इस बार मेने ट्रेन के लिए IRCTC पर रिजर्वेसन नही करवाई.
इस और ही में घर जा रहा हु,
सर :- तो और कोंन्सी रिजर्वेशन करवाई हिया?
में:- सर इस बार मेने जेल जाने के लिए रिजर्वेसन करवाई है , पर.
सर हम सब बचपन से बाते करते आते है की अगर हम अंग्रेजो के टाइम में होते तो हम भी गाँधी जी के आन्दोलन में भाग लेते................
तो अब व्ही टाइम गया है, अन्ना के जेल भरो अन्दोला में भाग लेने का, और इतिहास में आपना नाम दर्ज कन्वाने के अपने आप में तो गर्व रहेगा, अपने देश के लिए कुछ करने का, अगर अब भी कुछ नही किया तो हमरा देश बर्बाद हो जायेगा,
सर इस्सी लिए में छुट्टी के लिए request कर रहा था. (सर बिलकुल चुप हो गये )
सर :- सच में तुमने मुझको भी बहुत इमोसनल कर दिया. अब तो मुझको भी छुट्टी लेने के लिए सोचना पड़ेगा,
वो साईट का नाम बताना , रुको एक काम करो,
सभी को बुला लो और और सेमिनार होल में इकट्ठा करो,
में : - सर सभी गये है,
सर :- तुमे सभी सोच रहे होगे की कोई न्य प्रोजेक्ट आया होगा उसके बारे में डिसकस होगी?
हां तुम सही सोच रहे हो,
लेकिन अबकी बार ये रोजेक्ट देस के लिए है, हम आज तक तो अपने आप को भुत देश भगत मानते आये है, लेकिन अगर अब भी कुछ नही किया तो अपने आप पर सरम आने लगेगी,
इस प्रोजेक्ट में एक अलग चीज है की किसी के साथ कोई जबरदस्ती नही है, जो भी चाहे वो भाग ले सकता है, अभी तुम सबके सामने में पर रजिस्ट्रेसन करवा रहा हु,
अब जिस किसी का भी मन हो वो इस प्रोजेक्ट से जुड़ सकता है,
(सभी बहुत इमोशनल हो गये ओत कई दोस्त तो रोने लगे,..............हमरे पुरे ऑफिस तयार है, इस अन्दोला में भाग लेने के लिए , wow wow ow ...................)
मुझे मेरे सर और ऑफिस पर गर्व है
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Delhi Rohini Court Summons 21 Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Orkut) for Obscene Content

December 24:- 
Today Delhi's Rohini Court will issue Summons to 21 Social networking sites including social networking giant Facebook and Orkut for show illegal/obscene  image and video content etc.


2012 UP Board MODEL TEST PAPER IN HINDI | Sample Question Papers
Are you searching for Solved Model papers for 2012 UP Board 10th Exam?
if yes then it is good new for you that you can Download Model Paper for Intermediate UP Board Exams 2012. can help your problem from this site you can download and Model Test Papers in Hindi.
Here is the direct link of model papers
Click here for High School Math Model Test Paper

Source :- | Anna's "Jail Bharo Andolan" 30-Dec Registration

Hi friends 
As you know Anna Hazare is going to start "Jail Bharo" Andolan form 30 January,
Till now Total:- MORE THAN 1 LAKH (100111) people registered
and From Delhi & NCR :- 14283
Indian Against Corruption have made a website for registration for "Jail Bharo" Andolan participants 
If you want to support then register on
On this site you can see the registration according to state and city wise.
So plz visit the site

OR Register using SMS
Send "Jail " to 575758.
e.g. Send "Jail Mumbai" if you are a resident of Mumbai.

Plz shere this post .........................



Q1:   which Pakistan actress is lost in India?
ans :-   Leila khan

Q2: which old age Bellwood actor celebrated his birthday in December 2011?
ans:  Dilip Kumar

Q3:  which company produces Aakash tablet?
ans :-    the company named data wind produces Akash tablet.

Q4: what is name of Aakash tablet new version?
ans: new version of Aakash tablet is known as ub slate

Q5: how many Indian  high court is booked in Mumbai for recording evidences?
ans:  15 high courts

Q6: who will substitute Ishant in Indian cricket team in Australia?
ans :-  Ashok dinda

Q7:  how many people died in Newyork helicopter accident ?
ans :-  3 people died due to helicopter crashed…

Q8: who is new  Spain prime minister?
ans :-  Mariano rajoy

Q9 : which missile was decided to be experimented today but it dates postponed?
ans :-     Agni 2

Q10  in which city of Gujrat 250 tractor filled with potatoes had thrown their potatoes on the way against very low rate of potatoes by farmers?
ans :-       Disa (Gujrat)

Note:- questions answers sent by sunny...

How to File RTI? RTI Filing Process

RTI Filing Procedure
Source :-
RTI can be filed in any Govt. Department or any Govt. aided institution. A citizen can demand any public record, or photocopy of the record.

1. Find out the PIO (Public Information Officer) detail from the website of the organization.

2. Write a simple application addressed to the PIO and state clearly your questions.

3. RTI – Fees Rs.10

(a) Attach an IPO (Indian Postal Order) or DD (Demand Draft) of Rs.10 along with the application or pay the cash amount of Rs.10 in treasury and get challan (receipt).
The method of payment differs from state to state so add this link there:

(b) If you had asked for any photocopies of documents, they will calculate the fee and demand it from u.
You cannot send extra amount - they won't accept it and your RTI application will be rejected.

So it’s better to send DD or IPO of the exact amount with the application.

RTI Filing Procedure

4. RTI – Sending Options
(a) Send it through Normal Post or Speed Post or Registered Post or in person.
(b) It is not compulsory but it is advisable to send by Speed Post or Registered Post because you will have a proof (receipt) of your posting.
(c) You can also have the tracking report of your speed post by visiting [It will give u the full detailed report of your speed post - The day it was dispatched, the route it followed & date of reaching its destination.]
(d) RTI Application can be sent Free of Cost by BPL (Below Poverty Line) people. You need to attach photocopy of your BPL Card along with the application.
(e) If possible also send an email of RTI Application to PIO’s official email ID displayed in the website on the same date. The clock starts ticking from the moment the email is sent (not opened). It isn't a valid application till it is accompanied by the proper fee. That’s the whole trouble with online applications. The Fees (Rs.10) along with RTI Application can be sent by post subsequently, but the time limit starts from the day the email is sent/received.

  1. Visit website of the concerned public authority and scrutinize RTI icon. For state information, also visit official portal of state govt and information commission for these details. If you do not get details of PIO, visit nearest office of relevant public authority and try to get address of PIO. Name is not important, as officers do get changed.
  2. If you do not still succeed, please address your application to PIO C/o. Head of the dept/office to which information is required. If you want information of a district, you can address application to PIO of District Collectorate.
  3. If the envelope is not accepted or returned by post office, send the original application with photocopy of envelope to the PIO of Office of Chief Secretary at State Capital or connected ministry at Delhi, with a request to forward the enclosed application to the concerned PIO. A reference to website will be useful.
  4. Alternatively, you can also file RTI application for the same information with PIO of Office of Chief Secretary at State Capital or connected ministry at Delhi, and PIO will redirect the application to correct PIO within 5 days of receipt by him with intimation to you.
  5. Simultaneously, file a complaint with Central Information Commission/State Information Commission for difficulties in locating PIO of a particular dept/office.
  6. You can take help of local/state-level NGOs or RTI helpline phone numbers for locating correct PIO, who would be holding information required by you.
  7. Most of Central Govt public authorities have placed details of PIO etc on their websites. However, states are yet to follow. Some state information commissions do not have details of PIO/FAA on their website!
PIO - Reply Time & Fine
PIO - Public Information Officer gives RTI Reply

Every PIO is bound to reply within 30 days of receipt of the application, if he delays without any justified official cause or gives wrong information, he can be fined upto Rs250/ daily upto Rs.25,000 with a way of deduction from his salary.

RTI Reply Time - Generally [30 Days]; Life & Death Case Reply Time [48 Hrs]

IPO (Indian Postal Order)
IPO is similar to the size of your bank cheque. You can purchase it from any post office by paying Rs.10. You need not to fill any form to purchase it. Tear off the Left Part of IPO & keep with you as a proof of purchasing. Mention the following on IPO on specified space on Right Side.

PIO (Public Information Officer)
Organization name and Address

Your name and address

RTI Application – Format or Performa

PIO (Public Information Officer)
Organization name with address

Subject: Application for information under the Right to Information Act.


Please provide the following information with respect to the following questions.

Q1. What was the Cut off (Minimum marks obtained by a candidate) in Each Section to be called for the Interview in all categories (General, SC, ST, OBC, PH) for the examination held on - ?
Q2. What was the Cut off (Minimum marks obtained by a candidate) in Total (Written + Interview) to be called for the Final Selection in all categories (General, SC, ST, OBC, PH) for the examination held on - & Interview Held on - ?
Q3. What were the Highest Marks in Each Section by a candidate in the examination held on - ?
Q4. What were the Highest Marks in Total (Written + Interview) by a candidate in the examination held on - & Interview Held on - ?
Q5. What were the marks obtained by me in Total (Written + Interview) in the examination held on - & Interview Held on - ? - (Write Your Roll No or Registration No.)

Signature of the applicant
Full Name:
Email ID:
DD or IPO No:

Please find the following attachment (2 IPOs of Rs.10).
1- Rs.10 IPO for the RTI application.
2- Another Rs.10 IPO for the documentation and the other expenditures for the same work.

RTI - Detail
You don't have to quote any reason for seeking the information.

You can ask as many questions as u want in a single application.

RTU is applicable in J&K since March 2009 -
RTI is not applicable to following Organizations – CBI, IB, RAW, NIA (National Investigation Agency), Economic Intelligence Bureau, Aviation Research Centre, NSG

RTI - Section Detail

Sec. 2(f) of the RTI Act, which defines “Information” as:
"information" means any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples,
models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force.

Sec. 2(i) of the RTI Act, which defines “Record” as:
(a) any document, manuscript and file;
(b) any microfilm, microfiche and facsimile copy of a document;
(c) any reproduction of image or images embodied in such microfilm (whether enlarged or not);
(d) any other material produced by a computer or any other device;

RTI - Section Detail

Sec. 6 (1) of the RTI Act - Language
A person, who desires to obtain any information under this Act, shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area in which the application is being made.

Sec. 6 (2) of the RTI Act – Reason for RTI
An applicant making request for information shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information or any other personal details except those that may be necessary for contacting him.

Sec. 8&9 of the RTI Act – Exemption from Disclosure of Information
Sec. 11 of the RTI Act – Third Party Information

RTI Application - Avoid Giving Phone No.
Don’t mention your phone number in the RTI application. Information conveyed over phone is not necessarily genuine & you don’t have a record of it. Without the phone number, the responsible department or PIO will be compelled to provide their response in writing which could be used in pursuing the matter further.

Wrong or Incomplete Information or No Information
If you are not satisfied by the information given by PIO within 30 days or if no information is given to you in 30 days then you can Appeal to Appellate Authority with previous records.

PIO can never reject the application on the ground that the information is Detailed or Large. If the information is detailed or large the RTI Act makes the provision of the inspection of relevant documents, which is being asked by the person.

Wrong or Incomplete Information or No Information
If you are not satisfied by the information given by PIO & Appellate Authority (AA) within next 30 days or if no information is given to you in next 30 days then you can Appeal to Information Commission with previous records and then the date will be fixed by the commission for a hearing and the notice will be served to the concerned PIO and the Appellant to present on a fixed date.

AA (Appellate Authority) Vs PIO
PIO and Appellate Authority cannot be the same person. It is a clear violation of the RTI Act.

Section 19(1) of the Act says
"to such officer who is senior in rank to the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer as the case may be, in each public authority"

A officer SENIOR in rank to PIO cannot be the same as the PIO.
The AA must forward it to the PIO but the answer should be sought from the PIO and only the AA must sign the decision of the first appeal and not the PIO. The first appeal is a complaint against the PIO. The PIO therefore can't settle or judge (and sign) a plaint against himself, as, in simple terms, nobody can be a judge of his/her own cause.

RTI - Rejection
Where a request has been rejected under sub-section (1), the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall communicate to the person making the request:

(i) The reasons for such rejection

(ii) The period within which an appeal against such rejection may be preferred

(iii) The particulars of the appellate authority.

RTI - Physical Apperance for Inormation
The PIO (Public Information Officer) & AA (Appellate Authority) has no right to demand your physical appearance for giving the Information. They cannot compel you to do so. They must reply to RTI Application by written method only. Just wait for 30 days and send the next letter to the Information Commission.

State RTI Act
There are many states in India where there are State RTI acts. There are SICs (State Information Commissioner) for those states. A person can ask for information through RTI Act 2005 or through the State RTI Act. SICs are there for all states, except J&K.

The categorization is that the public authority funded by the state govt. is governed by the SICs while the organizations funded by Central govt. in the same state are under the jurisdiction of the CIC.

RTI in Recruitment Process
In many occasion it is observed that recruitment discriminate the candidates or favour particular candidates during interview by assigning marks arbitrarily.

By RTI, you can ask the photocopy of your OMR Sheet along with answer key.

There is a Supreme Court ruling that limits interview marks for selection to govt. departments to 15 % of total marks. If, in this selection procedure, the interview marks are above that, then it can be challenged.

Through RTI Act we may have information towards the criteria of assigning marks e.g. Qualification, Experience, Presentation etc. so that we expect at least minimum marks.

RTI in Recruitment Process

You can type in the names of the petitioner in
The first verdict was in the case
1987 AIR 454 1985 SCR Supl. (1) 657
1985 SCC (4) 417 1985 SCALE (1)1290
This verdict was reinforced by the subsequent one
1990 SCR Supl. (3) 108 1991 SCC (1) 662
JT 1990 (4) 704 1990 SCALE (2)1014
by which the earlier judgment was reinforced and 25 % was found to be too high and 15 % was fixed.

RTI in Recruitment Process

Mr.Y.Naresh, had appeared for the SI exam conducted by the State Level Police Recruitment Board (SLPRB) in the year 2008. The results were declared in the year 2009. On 14th March 2009, he filed an RTI application with the Public Information Officer (PIO), requesting him to provide Xerox copies of his OMR Sheets for Paper III, Paper IV and also the answer keys to his Paper III and Paper IV question paper booklets.
The PIO in his reply stated that he cannot divulge the OMR sheets as they are confidential. Mr. Naresh made a first appeal with the Appellate Authority on the 6th of April 2009. He too gave the same reply.
On 19th May 2009, he filed a second appeal with the AP Information Commission. The second appeal came for hearing in the AP Information Commission vide Case No.4434/ CIC/2009. The hearing was held in the presence of State Chief Information Commissioner Mr. C.D. Arha’s Chambers on 23rd April 2010.
The State Level Police Recruitment Board (SLPRB) was represented by Mr. Satyanarayana, IPS, Inspector General & PIO of the SLPRB. While, Mr. Naresh was represented by Mr. Ganji Sreenivasa Rao of Lok Satta Party, Incharge, CHC, Saroornagar and Mr. Sunand P.
The arguments were short and to the point:
Mr. Satyanarayana tried to reason that if OMR sheets are provided lots of candidates would be applying for them and they would have difficulty in daily administration. Mr. Arha opined that given the fact that he himself has recently directed the NTR Health University to provide answer sheets to an applicant (Dr. L. Srinivas vide Appeal No. 4192 /CIC/2009, Dt. 02- 02-2010) and the fact that the Central Information Commissioner, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah (vide page no.5 para 41) issued directions stating that OMR sheets and evaluated answer sheets should be provided to the applicants under the RTI Act, the stand of the SLPRB that OMR Sheets are confidential isn’t correct.

RTI in Recruitment Process
He also quoted that, “The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi while dealing with an appeal in a similar matter, challenging the order of the Central Information Commission directing to provide a certified copy of the answer sheet to a student, held that the answer sheet cannot be excluded from the purview of Right to Information Act and the examination authority cannot deny the same to students under the Act and directed the Institute of Charted Accountants of India to provide a certified copy of the paper to students under the RTI Act. The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi further observed that the RTI Act legitimately confers positive power to citizens and there should be no further delay in such matters.”

He directed the PIO, SLPRB to provide Mr. Naresh access to the photocopies of the OMR sheets and also the answer keys to his question paper booklets.
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