4 FEB 2012 :- NOTES FOR BANK EXAMS : 141

Hey, are you prepare for bank exam then this is for you, go through the set of questions it will help you to prepare for upcoming 2012 bank exams(IBPS EXAM). here are the mix questions base GK, and on last year and 2012 current affairs.

1. Do you know the name of country whose all players of Ice Hockey Team has died in a plane crash.
Ans. Russia 
2. Who is the chairman of the CBDT(Central Board Of Direct Tax)?
Ans.  M . C Joshi.
3. Who is the brand ambassador of BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation )?
  Ans.  Sachin Tendulkar .
4. Flim 999 Dam related to which two state controversy?
Ans. Keral and Timalnadu.
5. Central Govt. announced a policy named as NRLM in June 2011.Tell NRLM stand for ?
Ans.  National Rural Livehood Mission.
6. From which state NRLM central govt.  policy starts?
Ans. Rajasthan
7. Which train travel the longest distance in India?
Ans. Vivek Express
8. In 2011 India made an agreement  named as Border Management  Agreement  with which country?
Ans. Bangladesh
9. Who is the president of SAARC (South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation)
Ans .  Fatima Diyana
10. What is full form of ATM?
Ans. Automated teller Machine


Hair....Cut said...

really..it's unbelievable,u people track all the current affairs...it's really helps people to know the news and me too..

Vikas Ahlawat(Hi) said...

Thanx brother for your comments, This type of comment gives me power..........

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