GK Quiz-23 : Latest November 2011 10 GK Question

10 Gk questions based on current affairs
1).Jahnavi baroova 2). Darun tejpal 3). France(Ganes) 4). Mr.Jaipal reddy 5). Kangdak 6). Perth(Australia) 7). Kamalesh sharma 8). July 2011 9). UNO 10). year os chemistry

1. Who is author of book "Rebirth"?

2. Who is author of book "The Vally of mask"?

3.Where will be held G20 conference of 2011?

4.Who is Petroleum minister?

5.Which city is called Red city of India?

6.Where was held 21st commonwealth conference?

7.who is selected secretary general for commonwealth organization for next four years?

8.25paise and below were demonetised in?

9.Millennium development goals is set by?

10.2011year is designated as?

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