Hey friends here are current affairs quiz with answers related to Feb-March 2012.
It is based on latest current activity of these months so lest go through these quiz

Q.1 Which is the most populous Islamic country in the world?
A.1 Indonesia
Q.2 Which technology giant has recently been degraded in its credit rating by Standard & Poors?
A.2 Sony
Q.3 With which iconic place of natural beauty would you associate the names Kupwara, Baramulla & Sopur?
A.3 Kashmir
Q.4 When did the Indian Penal Code come into existence?
A.4 1860
Q.5 Which city of India recently concluded its Municipal corporation election by marking a 45% turnout?
A.5 Mumbai
Q.6 Name the union steel minister of India who is in the news for some comment on Muslim reservation?
A.6 Beni Prasad Verma
Q.7 How would one elaborate UN-HABITAT?
A.7 The United Nations Human Settlements programme
Q.8 With which controversial topic would you link John Abraham’s Production debut movie Vicky Donor which is yet to release?
A.8 Sperm donation
Q.9 Which International & IPL player, who was always known for his hard hitting and scams has called it quits in all forms of the game?
A.9 Andrew Symonds
Q.10 What is Nomophobia the fear of which is recently sweeping Britain?
A,10 Fear of life without mobiles


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