What is the use of google glasses? How use them?

With the on-coming of Android Operating System, the technology of it and platform to develop new things are increasing day by day.
“Google Glasses” !
Confused!! Ok, don’t be ….

I’ll tell the detail about what exactly is the    “Google Glasses”.
Well, it would be the new innovation of Google, from its ongoing R&D section.
This Glasses is said to have a version of Google Android. Glasses is digital one and will offers near iPhone 4s resolution floating interface for users. This means that one can get to see the images on the screen of glass which the glass, situated few inches from the user’s eyes. The device will reportedly sport a cellular data connection and a range of sensor including motion and GPS.

According to the sources the Google Glasses will use a pair of micro LCD displays bouncing a combined 960 x 540 resolution image off two small angled surfaces integrated into the lenses, for the impression of a large screen floating in front of your face. That will be used for gaming, navigation and more.
The two patches of angled glass will be less than a dime in size, while the arms of the glasses will need to accommodate twin 1.5 x 1.5 inch blocks where the LCD display hardware is mounted. Obviously there will also be the necessary processor and other components, along with GPS and motion sensors, a camera, microphone and audio outputs..
Google glasses are expected to be much of into the application and the software products such as Latitude , Goggles & Maps, to create a unique experience. One cab be able to check into locations with their friends through the glasses as said by the sources..
These Product firstly will be available as an open experiment, if absorbed well then the company would investigate money making options.
According to New York Times the glasses will cost of those of a current Smartphone’s between Rs12500 to Rs.30000 approx.
One thing is to mark for such pair of Glasses, could be affecting the eye for strain. The privacy of for targeting each and every location, spot and even for users too.
For control and operation of this device perhaps would require a little training as , to operate will need certain moment of eyes and the heads even voice too. This could be sometimes make one self look weird in the crowd as if it could make feel other to he/she talking to himself. If one wear any sort of doctor prescribed specs will have to carry two sets of specs.
Other device like Bluetooth headset and other multiple gadgets can be paired with the Glass.
So, dear reader the technology that has been taking so much lot of change now days and the sort of movies what has we been seeing of futuristic world will no longer will be future any more . With the innovation of such Glasses by the Google will make you feel to carry very sleek and all ready information with one self any where any place and any time. One can get the information of any tiny and relevant knowledge a blink of an eye … I mean really a blink of an Eye, just few inches from your eye. You now just have wait for few months as the it is expected to be launch by the Google somewhere in between 2012.


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