Here are the latest GK questions for upcoming IAS exams.
Prepare yourself to clear the GK part of your Exam.


1).C, 2).A 3).C 4).B 5).A 6).D 7).B 8).A 9).C 10).C

Q.1 Who has written the novel The Name of the rose?
A. Michal Suro
B. Sejen Kista
C. Umberto Eco
D. Rinostin

Q.2 Where is India’s first Startup Village scheduled to be setup? 
A. Kalamassery
B. Kalmis
C. Survo
D. Kunjhon

Q.3 Which is the highest peak in the Western Ghats?
A. Alaska
B. K2
C. Anaimudi
D. Himalya 2

Q.4 Which Company owns the brand TIDE detergent?
A. Tinkiston
B. Procter & Gamble
D. Dinsiyet System

Q.5 What is SEMIOTICS the study of?
A. Signs and symbols
B. Astorlogy
C. Math
D. Sports

Q.6 Who invented the  television?
A. P.L.Baird
B. M.L.Baird
C. S.L.Baird
D. J.L.Baird

Q.7 Which two colors mix together to get the color CYAN?
A. Pink and Red
B. Green and Blue
C. Green and yellow
D. Red and yellow

Q.8 What is referred to as AMBROSIA?
A. Food for the Gods(Very delicious food)
B. Food for man
C. Larg amout of Food
D. No one

Q.9 Name the airport situated in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh?
A. Himalya Airport
B. Siyaal Airport
C. Guggal Airport
D. Nehru Airport

Q.10 What is BALLISTOPHOBIA the fear of?
A. Dark night
B. Guns
C. Missiles and Bullets
D. Height


Srishti Dubey said...

Preparing for IAS general studies and csat exam and being enrolled in the general studies for IAS exam and csat question bank at I was looking for similar information. Still I have a query, please tell me about whether to go for Hindi as a essay or for English in the IAS exam?

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very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

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