Hey friends , First of all welcome Febuary 2012.
here is the Quiz is based on Current Affairs for your Exams Prepration.

So let's Start.......
1.What is the full form of NSDB.
Ans. National Sports Development Bill -2011.

This bill is approved by central govt. for development of sports in India.

2. With which country India made CECA agreement in 2011.
Ans.  India made CECA (Comprehensive Economic Coorperation Agreement ) agreement with Indonasiea.

3. In which form India has celebrate the year 2011-2012.
Ans.   India Celebrate this year as Year of Germany in India.

4. What is the name of the world largest political party in the word.
Ans. CPC (Communist Party Of China).

5. Who issue the Economical Outlook in India.
Ans. Economic Advisory council of the prime Minister.

6. Who is the chairman of the Economic Advisory council of the Prime Minister.
Ans.  Dr. C. Rangarangan.

7. Which state show higher growth rate in GSDP(Gross State Domestic Production ) in 2010-2011.
Ans. Bihar

8. What is the growth rate of  the GDP (Gross Domestic Production) in first  Qutar (April –June) in 2011-2012

Ans.  Growth rate is 7.74%

9. Who win the prize of Entrepreneur of the year 2010.
Ans. Dilip shanghavi. (Sun Pharmaceutical Industry).


Dr. Kashmala Khalid Khan said...

very informative. I wish we can have Pakistan oriented current affairs preparation sites here in Pakistan. Thanx for such a worthy effort.

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