February 2012 :- Hey friends, Here is the current issues related questions answers for you, It will help to clear the Bank Exam of 2012. You can take it as a notes for Bank Po/clerk Exams Preparation.
So let's start.......

Q.1 Which city has hosted the Guinness World Record recently for the maximum people dressing as Mahatma Gandhi and marching for peace?
A.1 Kolkata

Q.2 What is the brand tagline for CATMOSS?
 A.2 Fun Clothing For Kids

Q.3 Which two Indian cricketers are the latest to tie the Nuptial knot?
A.3 Gautam Gambhir & Ravichandran Ashwin

Q.4 Which woman Prime Minister was the Chief Guest of the Republic Day 2012 celebrations in India?
A.4 Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra(Thailand)

Q.5 What does DIAL stand for in context of Airlines?
A.5 Delhi International Airport Pvt. Ltd.

Q.6 Name the Press Council Of India chief who has titled Salman Rushdie as a sub-standard writer?
A.6 Markandey katju

Q.7 Name the 88-year old ex-CM of Uttarakhand who has expressed his desire to grace the throne again?
A.7 ND Tiwari

Q.8 Mamata Banerjee met which iconic lady recently in Manipur who has been on a hunger strike for the past 12 years?
A.8 Irom Sharmila Chanu

Q.9 Which corporate steel group has begun its process for opening state-of-the-art facilities at HAZIRA,GUJARAT?
A.9 Essar Group

Q.10 Which State of India boasts of the highest number of berths in Science Olympiads?
A.10 Andhra Pradesh  


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