Mandala Trivia Questions Quizze| Religion Facts Trivia

Religion Facts and trivia Trivia| Measure Your Mastery of Mandala Trivia

1.) The word Mandala comes from the ---------- language?

2.) A labyrinth is the same thing as a maze, true or false?

3.) Adults like to use Mandala --------- books because it helps people reconnect to creativity?

4.) Buddhist monks are known to make mandalas out of ?

5.) What is the name of the tool that is used to measeure the degrees in a circle?

6.) How many degrees are in a circle?

7.) The mayan calander is a mandala, true or false?

8.) The center of a mandala represends God, Spirit etc, True of false?

9.) Mandala imagery is usually in the shape of a -----------?

10.) The word "Mandala" is pronounced like MAN-da-la, correct or wrong?


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