IAC Facebook Account Hacked/Closed | India Against Corruptions

Team Anna’s ‘India Against Corruption page’ has vanished/Hacked from Facebook
IAC ( India Against Corruptions)Facebook Page Account not opened from yesterday night.
there was four owner of this page but now know one can access this page.
So it is surly hacked by...........
It was the great platform for guide IAC Fans
It is completely disappear, It shown that "Profile Unavailable"
Sad news for Anna team and all India Against Corruptions supporter.
there was more the 5 Lakh fans of this page........
So sad........
Already more than 2 lakh facebook account hacked in Bangalore
Share it....
you can check it by search or click on the following link

Today(22/11/2011) Good News
Now IAC Facebook page accessible


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