Quiz-109: IBPS 2012 Computer Sample Questions Answers | Computer Awareness

Here are Computer’s IBPS CWE exam 2012 Sample questions answer | MS word

Answers:- 1.) HTML 2.) Switch 3.) Tim Berners-Lee 4.) Stop 5.) Laughing Out Loud 6.) Electronhole recombination 7.) E mail Attachments 8.) History 9.) Use the BCC( Blind Carbon Copy ) 10.) Cake recipes – Chocolate

Computer sample questions quiz for IBPS 2012 preparation

1.) What is the name of the basic language used for creating web pages?

2.) Which of the following network equipment maintains the Mac address tables?

3.) Who founded the basis of the Internet?

4.) Which icon you should click on your browser if you want to prevent a page from

completely downloading to your computer?

5.) In informal communication through chat, in forums, and by e-mail messages, some

people use the word LOL. What does LOL mean?

6.) What is the process responsible for producing photons in a diode laser?

7.) Which is the most common way for a virus to enter your computer?

8.) Which menu you’ve to click on your browser to get a list of all the web sites you’ve

visited, say over a period of three days?

9.) Say you want to send e-mail to two persons without the first person knowing that

you’ve sent the e-mail to the second person. How can you accomplish this?

10.) What’s a search query in Google to find cake recipes but not chocolate cake recipes?


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