GK Quiz 22 :- New GK Questions based on Latest Facts

Latest GK October 2011 based on New facts. 2012 is coming so it will be very useful for 2012 competitive exam. This type of questions will be the base of many upcoming 2012 exam like IBPS CWE etc.

1).Hero Motocorp 2).Justice V.Ramaswami 3).BSS 4).Wangari maathai (The iron lady) 5).As the center for discussions of the world economic form. 6).Tim Cook 7).Srilanka 8).Sr. Sunder Singh Majithia 9).viswanathan anand (chess) 10).Salgaocar

1.New name of HERO HONDA?

2. first judge in the history to face impeachment proceedings for conduct in 1991?

3.Government News Agency of Bangladesh is ?

4.Who was the first African woman who got Noble prize?

5.Davos is knows for ?

6.Who was the new CEO of apple after untimely death of apple's founder steve jobs?

7.India beat which country to win a 2011 cricket world cup?

8.Who was the founder of newspaper The Tribune?

9.First recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratan award .which was recently presented to shooter Gagan Narang?

10.Winner of 33rd Fedration cup footbal 2011 ?


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