GK Quiz-20: ICICI Bank PO Exam Sample Question

Here are the questions impotent for upcoming bank exams. Here are 10 question related to ICICI Bank.
So go through them. it will help you same as a sample paper of the bank exams.

1). What is the full form of ICICI bank?-Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
2). In which year ICICI bank was founded?-1994
3). Where is the Headquarter of ICICI bank in India?-Mumbai
4). What is the trunover of ICICI bank of 2011?-Around US$5.78 billion
5). ICICI bank has spread in --- Country including India?
6). Total Branches of ICICI bank in India?-2533 Branches
7). Currently, who is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank?-Chanda Kochhar
8). ICICI Bank is India's ----------- largest bank.-second largest
9). Is ICICI Bank private?-Yes
10). ICICI Bank's equity shares are listed in India on ------------- Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.-Bombay Stock Exchange


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