GK Quiz - 18: Simple GK Quizzes | 15 GK Questions 4 Exams

Here are new Gk questions and answers for all exams.

1.which is the only country in the world having no independence day-England

2. Which Indian political leader’s pen name is ‘chanakya’-Jawaharlal Nehru

3.Musical director of the famous song “mile sur mera tumhara”-Luis Banks

4.First Indian woman to participate in Olympics-Neelima Ghosh

5.Charles Edwward Jearnet is better known as –Le Corbusier

6.First Indian to win a medal in both commonwealth games and Asian games-Ashish kumar

7.Which is the first Indian product to get ISO Certificate-National Flag

8.Which disease is known as CHRISTMAS DISEASE-Haemophilia.

9.who designed the ADHAR LOGO-Athul Sudhakar Pandey

10.India’s first DEBIT CARD-RuPay

11”The March Of Mobile Money” was written by-Sam Pitroda and Mehul Desai

12.Melting Point of TUNGSTON is -3422 Degree Celsius.

13.Architect of White House-james Hoban

14.Kerala,Karnataka,Orissa,Jarghand have their state animal as common.which is the animal-Elephant.

15.Amitabh Bachan’s disease(genetically disorder)in the film PAA-Progeria


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