Forbes 2011 List of Indian Billionaires

Forbes 2011 List of Indian Billionaires
Forbes List of Billionaires in the World has created records

this time (2011). The number of billionaires has increased

from 1011 to (1011+199)=1210. Along with it, the combined

wealth of these persons has reached 4.5 lakhs crores dollars,

which is almost Rs. 202 Lakhs Crores. It is interesting to

note that this amount is three times more than the GDP of

Among them there are the list of Indian Billionaires.

NameRankWealth (in billion dollars)
Lakshmi Mittal631.3
Mukesh Ambani927.0
Azim Premji3616.8
Shashi, Ravi Ruya4215.8
Savitri Jindal5613.2
Gautam Adaani8710.0
Kumara Birla979.2
Anil Ambani1038.8
Palloji Mistri1038.8
Sunil Mittal, Family1108.3
Aadi Godrej, Family1307.3
KP Singh1307.3

Forbes List of Powerful Person 2011

Forbes List of 2011 Billionaires
Forbes List of 2011 Indian Billionaires


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