NEXT WEEK (11 OR 12 JUNE 2012) :- Apple has planned to launch new features for its iPhone, and would introduce its popular voice recognition app Siri in iPad, according to a report.
The information leaked ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week also suggested that the tech giant would release new MacBooks and 3D maps.
According to a 9 to 5 Mac report, Siri will make the move from iPhone to iPad, where it will be able to execute all commands except those relating to making calls.

Retina Display – Apple has proved to the world how gorgeous the screen looks with the retina display. Apple brought an amazing resolution on the iPhone 4 and the new iPad. So just imagine how gorgeous the screen will look on the MacBook Pro with retina display.

2. USB 3.0 – USB 3.0 is the new data transferring technology and it is expected that the new MacBook Pros will have USB 3.0 ports. Well this also gives indications that the iPhone 5 might support USB 3.0 transfer.

3. RAM – RAM will be around 8GB.

4. Display (size) – Its body will be thinner then the current macbook pro like macbook air.


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Baron Fray said...

Apple always focus on the display properties. As iPhone has upgraded with their retina display.

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