Miscellaneous | MIXED QUESTIONS MARCH 2012

Hey friends this is Miscellaneous quiz for you. Means this article is the collections of mixed questions.
So go through them.

Answers- 1]Oprah Winfrey Network 2]Maiden(1st century) against the team
3]Mukul Roy 4]Uganda 5]31 million (approx) 6]Lakshman Seth 7]Kumar Sangakkara 8]CRPF 9]Shiraz Uppal 10]Warwick Business School

Quiz :- 174
Q.1 What is OWN? The person’s name is hidden in it?

Q.2 Sachin’s 100th ton also marked a new record for the little master against Bangladesh. Name it?

Q.3 Who is the possible option for the railway minister of India after the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi?

Q.4 Name the only foreign country where the late Satya Sai visited?

Q.5 Out of the 1.2 billion population of India, how many people pay tax?

Q.6 Name the ex-CPM MP & Haldia strongman who has been arrested in Mumbai for the charge of the murder of 6 activists in Nandigram?

Q.7 Name the only player who exceeds Virat Kohli in terms of the number of runs scored in ODIs in 2012?

Q.8 Maoists across the Saranda forest in Jharkhand are eyeing girls trained by which paramilitatry force for torture?

Q.9 Name the Pakistani singer-cum-composer(Roya re sensation) who has given up music recently after being over a decade in the industry?

Q.10 Name the business school from the outskirts of London which is planning its second address in Delhi?


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I too enjoy reading this website..
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