Using Android?? Do you know exactly Android is??

What is Android? Understand what is Android......

Android ! Every or almost all of us have heard about Android, but have we ever were keen to know about what exactly it is.?
So, this made me curious to fiddle with the word Android. Its origin and how the existence of this famous technology came into this world. While searching for this I came to know that this is actually an operating system.
Android is actually Linux base operating system and basically used in the mobile device such as smart phones and tablet computer. This OS was developed by Open Handset Alliance later on taken over by Google which further refined it and made more compatible with the latest technologies .
This OS has Java Support in which many small or big application can be installed and excuted very easily.

Web Browser --- one of the most important applications which is required for surfing on the net or internet. This Browser is useful to any sort of information to find from the net. So android does support quite a number of web browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox and compatible once
Multiple Languages are supported in it. With the frame work one work out with different programming script to run & developed various application.
Storage: For storage purpose relational database such as Sqlite is used in it as this very handy.
Features of this OS is such that for connectivity purpose it does support  GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX.
Other features of it is Tethering which means one can connect other device to use its wifi or wireless featurs like net and can work the device as Router or Modem to run more than one laptops or such supported devices.

Video calling, Multitasking are some of the other best features of this OS.
Devices in which Android are used in that has the storage facilities such as in the external device, In the MICRO SD CARD, USB DEVICE OR USB HDD.
There has been many updatation and innovation in the generation of Android’s version. All the version had specific features with different genre name.
Some of the older version is as follows:-
1.5 Cupcake.
1.6 Donut
2.0, 2.1 Eclair
2.2 Froyo

The latest versions which is currently running in the devices is 2.3.x Gingerbread.
Other versions higher than 2.3.x Gingerbread are .. 3.x.x Honeycomb and  4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich.
To run the higher version of android requires much configuration of hardwares such as higher cpu i.e more than 1gb. Other lower can run on the much lesser configuration.
The application of android are very much available. More than 30000+ application are available out of which some are paid and ever free. One can get the application from the android market as per his/her needs.
At today time almost all the major mobile and smart phones manufacturer are making there device compatible with Android .
Some of the renowned company are—


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