Feb 2012 Current affairs for Bank Exams :145

Feb 2012 CURRENT AFFAIRS | latest current affairs

Q.1 Which tennis star fired her coach recently after losing the number 1 spot?
A.1 Caroline Wozniacki
Q.2 With the entry of which departmental chain was the FDI issue making news recently?
A.2 Walmart
Q.3 Which company has the publication named AMAGRAM?
A.3 Amway
Q.4 Which person of Indian origin is charged with the case of insider-trading in Goldman Sachs?
A.4 Rajat Gupta
Q.5 Yograj Singh, an ex-cricketer and a Punjabi-movie actor is the father of which Indian celebrity cricketer?
A.5 Yuvraj Singh
Q.6 Name the venue in Sydney where the 1st T20 international was played between India & Australia?
A.6 AMZ Stadium
Q.7 Which corporate honcho is the person behind brands like Zee and Dish TV?
A.7 Subhash Goyal
Q.8  Which German satellite was 7 minutes away from smashing into Beijing recently?
A.8 Rosat satellite
Q.9 What is the full form of MDH?
A.9 Mahashian Di Hatti
Q.10 Which Italian Iconic brand is expected to enter the domestic homeware market in India?
A.10 Giorgio Armani


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