9 FEB 2012 :

Hi friends here are the bit of knowledge from Bollywood and Hollywood, You can take it as an entertainment quiz 2012, this is based of entertainment. BOLLYWOOD & HOLLYWOOD QUIZ

QUIZ :-146

Q.1 Which celebrity is also known as the Austrian Oak?

A.1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Q.2 Name the upcoming movie of the 007 series which would mark their 23rd venture?

A.2 Skyfall

Q.3 Which is the most recent venture of the legendary Steven Spielberg based on World War 1?

A.3 War Horse

Q.4 Which recently released movie was faintly inspired by the trageic life of Silk Smitha?

A.4 The Dirty Picture

Q.5 Which upcoming movie is scheduled to highlight the life of Marilyn Monroe?

A.5 Heroine-Madhur Bhandarkar

Q.6 Who is the director of the upcoming movie Agent Vinod who got noticed with Johnny Gaddar?

A.6 Sriram Raghavan

Q.7 What is the name of the home-production of Saif Ali Khan?

A.7 Illuminati Productions

Q.8 Which person is common to Zee ETC(Film Critic) & Eros International?

A.8 Komal Nahata

Q.9 With which established actor would you associate the name Narmmadda Ahuja?

A.9 Govinda(Daughter)

Q.10 Who is the debutante director of recently released, well received movie Agneepath?

A.10 Karan Malhotra


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