Quiz-107: Current Defence related Quiz | Army | Air Force | Agni-V Missile November 2011

Current defence related events based questions answers November 2011
l for upcoming defence related exam 2012 ..
1.) Agni Putri 2.) Up to 3500 KM 3.) Australia 4.) DRDO 5.) Defense Research and Development Organization 6.) Early February 2012 7.) Up to 5,000 km 8.) Norman Anil Kumar Browne 9.) Nirmal Kumar Verma 10.) 26th

1.) Who was project director of the new-generation Agni-IV missile that was successfully test-fired on Tuesday(15 Nov 2011)?Agni Putri

2.) What is the strike range of new-generation Agni-IV missile?

3.) Name the Country with which USA signed defense pact on 16 November 2011 during US President Barak Obama’s visit.

4.) Agni-V is a solid fueled intermediate-range ballistic missile under development by ------- of India.

5.) What is the full form of DRDO?

6.) What is the expected date for testing Agni-V ?

7.) What will be the strike range of Agni-V missile?

8.) Who is the current air chief marshal of Indian Air Force?

Name of the current Chief of the Indian Navy?

General Vijay Kumar Singh is the --th General of the Indian Army.


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