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There is Latest 2011 September Trivia Questions which help you to improve your knowledge. Relate to latest world activity....
2011 Trivia Questions Answers

Questions are sent by Bhikham Singh (if any body claim that it is pirated(ur data) then mail me at I will remove it from here)

8.What is the total population of india according to 2001 census ?

Ans. Total 1,027,015,247 (1.027 billion )

9.full form of B.T.I.A. ?

Ans.Broad -Based Trade and Investment Agreement

10.World ozone day is celebrated on :

Ans. September 16

11.How may members are there in Lok sabha ?

Ans. 545 members

12. Who is the prime minister of Vietnam ?

Ans. Nguyen Tan Dung

13.Asian games,2010 were held in which country?

Ans. Guangzou, China

14.Who featured Hanuman on his battle flag during the battle of Mahabharata ?


15.Which west Indian test cricketer was nicknamed the ‘black bradman’?

Ans.George Headley.


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