Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar - Tarak Bajpai Arrested 28 July 2011

Speak Asia CEO Manoj Kumar - Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai Arrested (Earn Money)

What is Speak Asia ? - the largest online survey company in the Asian Sub continent. Dynamically driven by the genius of Ms. Haren, Speak Asia is our group's first inroad into the Online Market Research space backed by a well-planned and strategic presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Singapore.

But currently this company is in trouble some case have been fired on this company.

Mumbai police has arrested the chief operating officer of anonline survey company for allegedfinancial irregularities, police said today.

Tarak Bajpai, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) ofSpeak Asia, an online survey company, was arrested late last night in connection with a forgery case from the Vijay Nagar police station area, City Superintendent of Police Amarinder Singh said.

Singh, who refused to give further details, said that Bajpai was being taken to Mumbai for detailed interrogation.

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