APRIL 2011 CURRENT AFFAIRS,Anna Hazare Ansan Fast Quiz

Anna Hazare Ansan Fast Related Quiz April 2011
Here are the April current events related quiz question 2011, which will be best for all exams , like banks, IAS etc.

On 5 April 2011, Anna Hazare started a -------------------- to exert pressure on the Government of India to enact a strong anti-corruption act as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal Bill, a law that will establish a Lokpal (ombudsman) that will have the power to deal with corruption in public offices.

Bollywood celebrities like -----------, Pritish Nandy and Vivek Oberoi who were in support of social activist Anna Hazare have lauded his victory in the campaign for a stringent Lokpal Bill to battle corruption.

"Government has accepted all our demands and I will end my fast tomorrow at 10 am. This is a victory for the entire nation," --------- said on Friday 8 April.

------------ and Falon Netto of Mumbai were declared the winners of Zee TV's "Dance India Dance Doubles" Saturday night, following four months of rigorous dancing and competition.

The UAE's -------- announced that it has doubled up the funds to about $81 million for buying medications in 2011.

Symbiosis International University plans to start a school of ------- arts at its model colony campus from June 2011.

--------- Bank launches Debit Card-Platinum and Canara Campus Card.

"I have no idea who Anna Hazaare is as I don't keep track of anyone expect for film people and gangsters. I don't know what he is fasting for because I don't

know what he or anybody else in the whole world is up to as I am too busy in my film work," asked by --------------?

------------ Motor India launches cheaper sedan version 'Fiesta Classic'.

------------ to launch new search engine in India by 2011 H2.

------ launches upgraded suite of information management products.


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