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General knowledge 2010 - I

Hi Friends here 2010 General Knowledge Question Answer ready for you. All Question is based on 2010 events/issues. So take these Latest GK trivia questions 2010 free quiz enjoy. It is also very good question for school kids/children of grade 9-10. This GK 2010 contain both easy and hard questions. So start play quiz.
1.)IIFA Awards 2011 to be held in ………?

2.) Which Cricketer won first ever LG ICC People’s Choice Award -2010?

3.) Who got Captain of Test team of the year LG ICC Award -2010?

4.) Most costly city of India is….?

5.) Which city announced as world fashion city?

6.) How many countries include in G-15?

7.) Which Indian player has been chosen as most famous player of Commonwealth 2010?

8.) Who got Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award (shanti puraskar) 2010?

9.) Which Indian movie is nominated for 2011 Oscar Award?

10.) The famous Hollywood actress …………….. is converted her religion to Hinduism and yes this is the biggest news over web according to, the search provider.

11.) ……………become the sixth country for sign civil nuclear deal with India?

12.) Who won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award of 2010?

13.) Who is the writer of “You can Sell” book?

14.) India’s seventh super computer name is ……………?

15.) Limca Book of Records Celebrates ……………..Glorious Years?

1). Greater Toronto area of Canada 2). Sachin Tendulkar 3). MS Dhoni 4). Delhi 5). New York 6). 18 7). Sushil Kumar Solanki (सुशील कुमार) 8). Premier Brumby 9). Aamir Khan's movie Peepli Live 10). Julia Roberts 11). Canada 12 ). Shina Nehwal 13). Shiv Khera14). Annapurna 15). Twenty One


chinky said...

sri lanka
sachin tendulkar
m s dhoni
saina nehwal

pepli live
julia roberts
sania nehwal
shiv khera

50 years

Gaurav singh said...

2-sachin tendulkar
3-M S dhoni
6- 18 countries
7-gagan narang
8-former victorian premier john brumby
9-peepli live
10-julia roberts
12-saina nehwal
13-shiv khera
15- 21 glorious years

Gaurav singh said...

plz check these answers and post right answers

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