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1. Now which is the tallest Building in the world?

Answer:- Burj tower (828 m) Dubai.

2. Name the Indian who was awarded “honoris causa” by the University of Talca, in Chile.
Answer:-MS Swaminathan

3. Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar” becomes the fastest movie ever to rake in $1 billion, faster than any other movie in the history. Who is the director of this blockbuster movie?
Answer:- James Cameron

4. Who has been declared as the worst-behaved player to play for the Australia in the last 20 years by The Sunday Telegraph?

Answer:-Ricky Ponting

5. Isaac Schwartz, famous Russian personality who has expired at the age of 86 was associated with?


6. Who has been awarded “IBN Indian of the Year Award” in New Delhi recently?

Answer:-Saina Nehwal

7. Which country has resumed wolf hunting after a gap of 45 years?


8. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of the I-League?
Answer:- Mr.Sunando Dhar
All India Football Federation officially declared that Mr.Sunando Dhar has been appointed as the new CEO of the I-League and he will join from the month of January.

9. Who has been appointed as "Director-Media to the Prime Minister of India" recently ?
Answer:- Binoy Job


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