Current Affairs JUNE 2012
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Q1.  In which country a high-level delegation from Karnataka recently conducted road shows to attract investments for the forthcoming Global Investors Meet in June?
ANS.  Japan

Q2. Which of the following Indian state has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Mizuho Corporate Bank of Japan recently for seeking financial investment in the state?
ANS. Karnataka

Q3. In which Indian city, South Korean Woori Bank has opened its first branch in India, aimed at tapping the growing economic opportunities in India?
ANS. Chennai

Q4. The Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament approved the Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Bill, 2011. The bill increases punishment from five to 10 years of imprisonment and the fine from 10000-20000 rupees. Which statement is true regarding the bill?
ANS. The bill involves severe punishment for those involved in organ trade

Q5. The central government will soon take a study on 100-odd dams that will soon come up in which state?
ANS. Arunachal Pradesh

Q6 to which television channel the government has served a notice to refrain from screening the film The Dirty Picture during the day time?
ANS. Sony

Q7 which states chief minister has decided to launch state-owned newspaper and TV channel to highlight good work done by the government?
ANS. West Bengal

Q8 The women activist Maya Suwalka who has bagged the prestigious Ambedkar Women’s Welfare Award for her campaign for women’s empowerment, child rights, handicraft promotion and watershed development during the past decade, belongs to which state?
ANS. Rajasthan

Q9 April 22 is celebrated every year as which day?
ANS. World Earth Day

Q10 Recently a Gandhian Giriraj Kishore has returned his Padma Shri to the government to protest Gandhi item auction. What is the profession of Giriraj Kishore?
ANS. Writer


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