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Questions and answers based Government Report on Transport Corporations. This is the very Important questions set for IBPS 2012 exams point of view. So don't miss it.

Answers- 1] 138km 2] 904 3] 5771 buses & 525 passengers 4] 6110 
5]one-third 6] 2286 crores 7] Chennai 8] 50 crores 9] 1616 10] 154 km per day

Q.1 According to a report by the road transport and highways ministry, each DTC bus travelled an average of how many kilometers in a day?

Q.2 During 2010-11, the buses in Mumbai carried an average of how many passengers?

Q.3 How many buses does the DTC have and how many average passengers did it carry in 2010-11?

Q.4 How many buses does the Bangalore Road Transport Corporation have hich accounts for the largest fleet of buses in India?

Q.5 What ratio of the seats in DTC buses went empty in 2010-11 as told in the survey?

Q.6 What was the amount of loss incurred by DTC in 2010-11 which accounted for the worst loss in India?

Q.7 Name the city where the Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses travelled most efficiently with 278 kms per day?

Q.8 What amount of profit was posted by Bangalore Transport Corporation in 2010-11 accounting for the best business done?

Q.9 How many passengers did the buses carry in Chennai daily on an average displaying their high performance?

Q.10 How much distance was travelled by the BEST buses in Mumbai as a daily average during 2010-11 as told in the survey?


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