Hey guys hows your preparation going on for upcoming IBPS and other exams? Here is the next quiz based on April 2012 current affairs.
This will help all student to prepare for all type of exams.
Best of luck!

Answers-1] Koraput  2] Babu Jagjivan Ram 3] Jhina Hakika 4] Antrix Corporation 5] Hafiz Saeed 6] Management of book stalls on station platforms 7] Kasargod 8] 8 times 9] Tata Steel 10] 19th

Q.1 Name the district area in Odisha where foreigners have been banned in the wake of two back-to-back abductions?
Q.2 With which prominent political person would you relate the name Indrani Devi, who became a Congress supporter in 1987 according to the data provided by Union government recently?
Q.3 Name the JD MLA who is held captive by Maoists in Odisha since March 23?
Q.4 Name the commercial arm of ISRO who signed a 100 crore deal with France recently?
Q.5 With which person from Afghanistan in the recent  news would you relate the names- Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamat-ud-Dawa  & Difai-e-Pakistan?
Q.6 Name the recently snatched function of IRCTC by the Indian Railways?
Q.7 Name the district in Kerala where identical quadruplets were born on March 11 which happens once in 13 million births?
Q.8 How much times did India’s e-waste output multiply in 7 years?
Q.9 Which is the most admired Company in India according to a Forbes India survey?
Q.10 Mukesh Ambani has been ranked on which spot according to a recent survey conducted in the list of World’s richest persons?


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