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Questions-Current Affairs April 2012 Quiz 189
Answers-1] Akhilesh Yadav 2] Sachin Tendulkar 3] A K Antony 4] Red Fort 5] Vivek Oberoi 6] Sanjiv bajaj 7] 15.41 lakhs 8] Robert Zoellick 9] 7400 kms 10] 89%


Q.1 Name the CM of India who has cut down the fleet of cars allotted to him from 40 to 8 and also a hospital which has been closed at the CM’s house?

Q.2 Who was the National Ambassador of Earth Hour that occurred on March 31st (Saturday) recently ?

Q.3 Name the minister involved in the Tatra scam whose resignation is being demanded by BJP?

Q.4 Athruddin, alias Athar Ali, a Lashkar operative has been released of charges to due to lack of evidence in the attack on which National Heritage site of India?

Q.5 Name the who ambassador for anti-smoking drive who was booked for using tobacco?

Q.6 Name the Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv who was one of the jury of Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012?

Q.7 The children mortality rate declined in India from 16.83 lakhs in 2009 to what figure in 2010?

Q.8 Name the World Bank President who met Pranab Mukherjee recently and defended government on recent amendments?

Q.9 The Highways ministry has awarded a proposal of construction of highways of how many kilometres in 2011-12?

Q.10 Forex Reserve covers what proportion of the total external debt in a period of 9 months ranging upto December 2011?


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