Android Part-II

 Last article (click here for last article) of mine was something little but much overview on What Exactly Android was. Expressed some of the good features on it.

 This time here to summarise the main benefits of the best useful features of this Operating System.

 A phone which runs on this OS does support a good quality of services. Such as internet is really fast, Touch features are really cool; you will not find any flaw. GPS too is very much supported.
Phones which basically rather such phones are Motorola Razar, HTC Salsa, Sensation, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Galaxy etc.

 One of the best of it is that, there are lot of application developed, available, or in process which are available in the Market of Android. More than 40000+ application can be searched both paid and free version. Application need not necessary only be in games, weather, but also in business, education, finances, sports, transport, health, and enormous types.

 Social Networking
 Speciality of Android is the being product of Google. This makes it very much social for the users
 Large number of Google product and other social networking are supported. Namely FACEBOOK, SKYPE, TWITTER. If one has the account Gmail one can easily communicate via googletalk.
 So, Social features of Google with android make the users come together with everyone.

 Multi Tasking
 Being a good Mobile Operating System, the features of running more than single application is very much easy. Accessing to the net, running or listening music can be done all together. While on the phone conversation the above work too can be done.

  What you see in the phones is smooth. The look and feel of the graphical images is very appealing. You feel like in love with and do want to be in it much and explore the interface much.
 The interactive images are very attractive. The graph and picture quality depends on the hardware on the phones. Better the ROM better is the quality of user interface.

  Oh! Do not take for granted. You will not believe, it is not that Expensive at all. The much to do with price, is being the low or the average pieces of the product make this likeable to the people. This is also for those the product is available in the high range too. All depends upon your wallet how much it can spend.

 What one looks on the phones? Will it play the movie? Will its sound quality be good?
 YES! All you want it to be the best of all the moving motion and audio quality to be better and the best. This Android has the ability to play even the HD quality video. Simply one has to hunt for the application or is installed on the phone to play such types of video.
Vlc player, Mob player, Mx player and there players are available free in the market.


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