NEW GK JANUARY 2012 : Quiz-131

Q.1 What is the full form of PVR?
A. Priya Village Roadshow
Q.2 What is the new corporate tagline of TOSHIBA?
A. Leading Innovation
Q.3 With which firm would you associate the brand GARNIER?
A. Take Care
Q.4 Who was the winner of French Open 2011?
A.4 Rafael Nadal
Q.5 Which endangered specie of Apes was found recently in Borneo Islands in South East Asia?
A.5 Miller's Grizzled Langur
Q.6 Which country is the largest raspberry producer in the World?
A.6 Serbia
Q.7 Which country has the highest rate of twin births?
A.7 Nigeria
Q.8 Which Politician,who was recently in the media reports,is known as "The Knight"?
A.8 Silvio Berlusconi
Q.9 Who was the first Chinese player to win a Grand Slam Title in Tennis?
A.9 Li Na(French Open 2011)
Q.10 Which is the largest landlocked Asian country?
A.10 Kazakhstan


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