Quiz-115: Current events bit December 2011

Current Affairs December 2011 Questions with Answers:-

Answers:- 1). Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi 2).poet 3).HSBC 4). A.Nuclear Energy 5).26% 6).Standard and charterd bank 7).Kerosene,LPG,Diesel 8).India and Colombia 9). Coal India 10). 37.5%

1). Name the Kanimozhi's father, Kanimozhi's was on Monday, 28-Nov-2011 granted bail by the Delhi high court in the 2G case?

2). Kanimozhi Karunanidhi is a politician, ------- and journalist.

3). Which foreign lender bank has launched fixed rate for home loan and loans against property?

4). BHAVANI is a public sector company in which sector?

5). FDI limit in the insurance sector in India.

6). which foreign bank in India has highest number of employees.

7). which are sold below market price in India ..

8). Double Taxation Avoidence Agrement : ----

9). Maharatna Recently awrded to : ----

10). Exports growth rate in 2010-11 : ---


selva said...

BHAVINI (Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited) is a public sector company. NOT BHAVANI

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