Hi friends 
First of all I would like congrats to all those who  cleared the IBPS PO Exam, which was held on 18th Sept 2011. 
Many reader of this blog successfully cleared the IBPS PO Exam, of whom I representing the tricks & tips of clearing the paper.
Here I am representing the Interview of  Lovedeep Singh who cleared the IBPS PO Exam

INTVR - "So Mr. Lovdeep you  must be in the cloud nine now"

Lovedeep - "No no not that much, Its all just by the grace of God"

INTVR - "How did you prepare your self for such exam?"

Lovedeep -  “It is so that , one has to be in constant touch with the study material, with-out breaking the schedule of everyday study. Not necessarily has to be Eight hours or Sixteen hour regular preparation.”

INTVR – “Beside the regular study did you take any other coaching.” 

Lovedeep - "Yes !, I am very much obliged to the Vikas Bansal Academy, where I got to enhance my speed and accuracy of calculating the methods of solving the tricky puzzled arithmetical and logical questions.”

INTVR – “How did you come across this institute.”

Lovedeep – “Uncle Sardar Balkar Singh who told about this institute which is famous for  it one hour study guide.”

INTVR – "I guess this must be your first attempt of exam with flying colors!"
Lovedeep – "Nop! Prior this I had given two sbi and one gramin bank exam , but was unable to crack  the exam and was very upset."

INTVR – “Whom do you want to give credit for this success.”

Lovedeep - "As always first the God then to my parents for their faith in me and than to Vipin Bansal Sir of Vikas Bansal Academy for his guidance of Bank PO & Clerk preparation."

 INTVR – “Any things would you like to share or advice for the preparing candidates.” 

 Lovedeep - "Always Believe in your self and never be doomed or feel failure just by one or two attempts by giving exam. Listen to what your conscience says and focus on what the teacher teaches and most important the Blog i.e Current Affairs Trivia 2012 for it quicky updates of currents events and updates on ongoing informative articles."

And yes I forgot to mention Sandeep a dear friend of mine for his support for making me what I can do.
Also I want to say thanks to Futercafe" 


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