Quiz-111: IBPS 2012 Computer Awareness | Computer Hard Quiz

Computer related Bank Exam Questions answers | Hard Quiz

Answers:- 1.) System file 2.) Sound Card 3.) weB & Log 4.) Database 5.) Response is slow & Not a standard J2EE architecture 6.) MPEG 7.) Bookmark the page 8.) Hypertext 9.) Temporary file 10.) URL

Computer Related Sample questions for forthcoming 2012 Bank Exams

1.) '.BAT' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

2.) To listen to voice / music in your computer, it should have a -------------

3.) The word blog is derived from which two words?

4.) 'DB' computer abbreviation usually means?

5.) Why Database connections are not written directly in JSPs?

6.) What is the name of a file format of a video?

7.) What can you do if you want to visit a web page again, but don’t want to save it or

remember its address?

8 What is the name for the click-able word in a web page?

9.) '.TMP' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

10.) What is the formal name for a web address?


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