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Q1- who was the leader of African national congress(ANC)?
ans:- Nelson Mandela.
Q2- which country was first to give women right to vote and in which year?
ans:- Newzealand.
Q3- which was the trade union of Poland?
Q4- who was the chairman of drafting committe?
ans:- Dr. B.R ambedkar
Q5- which city is called as city of skyscapers?
Q6- who was the first and last vice-prime minister of India?
ans:- Sardar vallabh bhai patel.
Q7- who was the first and last women mughal ruler of mughal empire?
ans:- Razia sultan.
Q8- who discovered dynamite?
ans:- sir alfred nobel.
Q9- who was the first person to get noble prize in Physics?
ans:- c.v raman.
Q10- where is silicon valley?
ans-Northern california in US.
Q11- which is the deepest trench?
ans:- marina trench.
Q12- who was against the struggle of Aparthied?
ans:- nelson mandela.
Q13- biggest waterfall of the world?
ans:- Angels.
Q14- who was behind jalliawala bagh?
ans:- Gernal dyer.
Q15- where will be next common wealth games (cwg) will take place?
ans:- Gasago(poland)


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