Answers:- 1).Former England defender Stuart Pearce 2).Rajat Gupta 3).Azim premji 4).Savitri Jindal (5th position including man) 5).$700 6).Shrilal Shukla 7).Sushil Kumar From Bihar 8). Motihari

1). Who will coach the British soccer team at the London Olympics 2012 ?

2). Former Goldman Sachs director ----------- was today arrested after he surrendered to the FBI, and charged with six counts of insider trading.

3). Who is the third richest person on India according to Forbes latest richest Indian people list ?

4). Who is the most richest women in India according to latest Forbes list?

5). Infosys Ltd, India's No.2 software services exporter, is looking for acquisitions worth up to -------- million in the healthcare and life science sectors, Infosys' Executive Co-Chairman Kris Gopalakrishnan said on 25 Oct 2011.

6). "Sooni Ghaati Ka Sooraj" book is written by ----------- a hindi writer who passes away on 28 October 2011?

7). Who won the 5 Crore in Indian Reality show KBC-5?

8). Sushil Kumar (KBC 5 Crore winner) belong to which village of Bihar?


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