Sample Questions for September Common Bank test

Questions are sent by Arun Bakthula

1.The North Eastern States Roads Investment programme(NESRIP) has been assisted by which bank?
a: Asian Developement Bank(ADB)

2.What is the position of state bank of india group in the forbes global 2000 list?

3.According to report released by the internet and mobile association of india (IAMAI) what is the growth rate of Indian e-commerce market during calender year 2011?
a: 47% much amount has been allocated to Sarva Shiksha Abhinay in the Union budget 2011-12?
a: 21000 crore

5.Nehru Rozgar Yojana was launched to tackle which menace?
a:Urban poverty

6.who has been appointed as the new chairman of Securities Exchange Board of India(SEBI)?
a:U.K.Sinha many rupees coin has been launched by RBI on the occasion of 150th anniversary year of Gurdev Rabindranath Tagore?
a: Rs.150

8.Under which program ministry of rural development has increased 17 to 30% wages,which will be effective from 1st january 2011?

9.which bank launched 'door step service in india' recently?
a: central bank of india

10.which indian organization has dedicated 2011 to its disabled persons?

11.NTPC has toatl capacity of over 33000MW and what targets it planned to achieve till 2017?

12.Essam sharaf has been appointed has prime minister of which country on march3,2011?

13.Who has been given Arcelor Mittal Environment award for 2011?
a:Anil B.Jain

14.According to Malegam committee Maximum limit of interest rate on Microfinance, should not exceed?

15.who has been chosen miss india 2011?
a:Kanistha dhankhad.


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