iPhone 5 Features & Specifications

Curved Glass / 3D Display:-

8 MP Camera with Dual Flash:- 8 MP camera with dual flash on the rear means higher resolution pictures, greater quality and most notably, greater quality in low-light pictures where the red-eye occurs.

A5 Processor:- iPhone 5 is more likely to have an improved processor A5 go with the dual-core processor.

Storage and RAM 1GB :- iPhone 5 is more likely to have an improved RAM of 1GB to go with the dual-core processor.

Fire-proof iPhone:- iPhone 5 is likely to be the fire-proof and the company has organized a patent app for highly developed material which is halogen-free flame retardant.

Wireless Charging :- Super cool iPhone 5 features, imagine charging this smartphone without cable.

Extended Battery Life:- iPhone 5 would run on the more powerful battery giving extra talk time and stand by time, the battery will be required to sustain this extended utilization.

Built In GPS:- You will never get lost or need to download one of those GPS apps.

Storage Capacity:- iPhone 5’s lowest model will come with 32GB of space and 64GB of memory.


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