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EVENTS 2011 MAY-AUGUST SET-II BY G.SIVARAMAN (Approved Member will get eBook)

11. which maharatna company received Golden peacock Environment management award for the year 2011
Ans : SAIL

12. Currently the govt. Changed the Base year for IIP from 1993-94 to
Ans :2004-05 IIP-Index of Industrial Production

13. The cabinet committee on security on june 6 cleared the biggest ever defence deal with the US till date, worth 4.1 billion dollar, the deal is to buy which of these ten military Aircraft
Ans : C-17 heavy lift military Aircraft

14.Citigroup has recently reduced its 11.4 percent stake in which Bank
Ans : HDFC

15. Which Bank offers loan worth 432 million dollar for laying road in Mathiya Pradhesh and improving power sector in Bihar
Ans : ADB (Asian Development Bank)

16.World Bank on MAY 31 approved 1 billion dollars credit and loan as part of its long term support for the Govt. Mission to clean ........river
Ans : Ganga

17. India’s rank in Global Peace Index 2011 (GPI 2011) out of 153 countries
Ans : 135

18. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee had announced in MARCH this year that the funds under MPLADS has been increased from Rs. 2 crores to...............
Ans : 5 crores (MPLADS =Member of Parliment Local Area Development Scheme)

19. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for National Understanding 2009 for German Chanslor
Ans : Angelamarkel

20. In JULY cabinet nod for merge ............... Bank with SBI.
Ans : SBICI (SBI Commercial and International Bank)


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