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June Current Affairs 2011 Set - 3
Baba Ramdev June Anshan Related Questions with Answers

1).When baba ramdev start his Anshan ?

2).On which ground Baba Ramdev start his Anshan ?

3).Is anna hazare sit with Ramdev for Anshan ?

type="button">before 5 june 2011 morning)

4).When did Delhi police lathi charge on Baba Ramdev and his supporters ?

5).Was Baba Ramdev Change his dress during Delhi police lathi charge on 5 june 2011?

6).Was Delhi police able to caught Baba Ramdev ?

7).Where did Delhi police drop Baba Ramdev ?

8).Baba Ramdev taken to---------------- hospital in Dehradun for treatment after his condition deteriorated.

9).Ramdev ended/break his nine-day long fast on June 11 on the requests of ------------------and other spiritual leaders ?


Tintu said...

last 60 years politican of india congress/ cpi/ cpm / samajwadi party , indina media tv , press media/ megazine out look, times now/ isa officer/ ips officer are trying to protec the one family raj, and becuse of one family raj these politician are not able to make lokpal bill becuse no body has got right either cbi, court or police of india asked the one family what is thire property and how much wealth they have, who dare to chalange this one family will be treated by like baba ram dev and like mr anna hazare--------------- for the sake of one family protection and raj billion and million comman people have to suffer -- people of india should ask this family representative about lokpal bill becuse pm, cm , or home minister or any body is zero infront of the family raj ask directly madam sonia gandhi and mr rahul gandhi what gandhi family think for lokpal bill ---------------make protesst and ask them only becuse our poltician are not rulling in india they aer just -- dramtis they do not have any voice many things happen our pm did not speak till now singal world---------------just think jay hind

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nice site with full of stuff


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