Questions and answer related to Jan Lokpal Bill Set - 1

1.) Jan Lokpal Bill is a proposed ----------- law designed to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances and protect whistleblowers.

2.) The first Lokpal Bill was introduced by ------------- ?

3.) The first Lokpal Bill was introduced in the 4th Lok Sabha in -------- (by Shanti Bhushan)?

4.) Anna Hazare belong to which state?

5.) Arvind kejriwal belong to which state ?

6.) Arvind Kejriwal was born in Hissar, Haryana and graduated from ------------ as a Mechanical engineer in 1989.

7.) Shanti Bhushan is a former ----------- of India ?

8.) Prashant Bhushan (born 1956) is an ------------- and social activist.

9.) Shanti Bhushan and his son ------------- are the Civil society members?

10.) Shanti Bhushan had introduced --------------- in 1977, but it could never see the light of the day, because of the collapse of the government.


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