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Taking the Hollywood Quiz will test as well as enhance your knowledge on Hollywood related issues. This quiz is related to Hollywood starting and it involve Hollywood Celebrity, and Classic types of Questions and Answers Related to Hollywood Movies etc. Moreover the Hollywood Quiz for March 2011 will help you in the preparation for different competitive examination like that of Media, Actors, Art Exam etc.

1. Hollywood is:
a. district
b. state
c. country
d. river

2. Where is Hollywood located?
a. Texas
b. Los Angeles, California
c. Ohio
d. Atlanta

3.Who coined the name Hollywood?
a. Margaret Virginia Whitley
b. Tom Cruise
c. H. J. Whitley
d. Clint Eastwood

4.When was the Hollywood Hotel opened?
a. 2011
b. 1989
c. 1987
d. 1901

5.Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in:
a. 1903
b. 1909
c. 1920
d. 1965

6. Hollywood star Will Smith was born on:
a. December 25, 1966
b. October 25, 1968
c. September 25, 1968
d. September 20, 1962

7.Filmmaking in the greater Los Angeles area preceded the establishment of filmmaking in Hollywood:
a. True
b. False

8.The first studio in Hollywood was established by the:
a. The Biograph Company
b. Selig Polyscope Company
c. New Jersey-based Centaur Co.
d. The Company

9.When was the Hollywood Walk of Fame created?
a. 1985
b. 1958
c. 1905
d. 1948

10.Which of the following are schools in Hollywood?
a. Cheremoya Elementary School
b. Christ the King Elementary School
c. Taylor Middle School
d. All the above


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