Latest Wikileaks Related Questions Answers Quiz-1

Latest Wikileaks Related Questions Answers

Who is Wikileaks founder?
Julian Assange

The website was launched in ---------- and run by The Sunshine Press.


In -----------, WikiLeaks posted video from a 2007 incident in which Iraqi civilians and journalists were killed by US forces.

April 2010

In May 2010, WikiLeaks said they had video footage of a massacre of ----------------- by the U.S. military which they were preparing to release.

civilians in Afghanistan

In which month of 2010 WikiLeaks released Afghan War Diary, a compilation of more than 76,900 documents about the War in Afghanistan.

July 2010

In October 2010, the group released a package of almost 400,000 documents called the Iraq -------- Logs?


According to Wikileaks On dinner arranged by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, What Rahul Gandhi speaks about Hindu Extremists?

Gandhi said, “Attention required on the risk of a extremist grown in homeand they are reacting to terror attacks coming from Pakistan or from Islamist groups in India”

On 20 August WikiLeaks released a publication titled ------------------ Duisburg planning documents, 2007–2010, which comprised 43 internal documents regarding the Love Parade 2010.
Loveparade 2010


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