SQL Server Quiz 2010 by MVPs | Play and Win prizes | 51 Prizes including Apple iPad

51 Prizes including Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, 5 iPod Nanos and Software Licenses worth $17,000 waiting!

Now several SQL Server MVPs from India are running a daily quiz – one question each for 31days . These questions will generate considerable discussion around several unknown areas of SQL Server and will serve as a good resource for learning SQL Server.

International experts, Erland Sommarskog, Itzik Ben-gan,Andy Leonard, Louis Davidson, Arnie Rowland, Peter Larsson, Brad Schulz, Greg Low, Rob Farely, Alejandro Mesa, Glenn Berry, Jessica Moss, David Barbarin, Aurelien Berla, Adam Haines, Jonathan Kehayias, Michael Coles, Erik Jensen, Hilary Cotter, Allen White, Paul Nielsen Pinal Dave, Madhu Nair, Deepak Rangarajan, Vidya Sagar, Jacob Sebastin, Satya Jayanti, Sugesh Kumar, and Madhivanan MVP's are the quizmasters of this online event.

SQL Server Quiz will be a good platform understanding of SQL Server and enhance your SQL Server skills. Each SQL Server quiz will be a series of 31 questions, managed by 31 quiz masters who are experts in SQL Server. Each quiz master will ask one question each and will moderate the discussions and answers and finally will identify the winner of each quiz. Each answer that is correct will get a certain score (between 1 and 10, where 10 is the best) the scores of all the 31 questions will be added up to identify the final winner. There are some interesting prizes too like iPad, Kindle Reader, iPod and software licenses worth over $17,000.
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