Obama Visit India Related Questions | Obama trivia Quiz | Latest Barack Obama Visit GK | latest News| Current affairs November 2010 | Part-I

Hi Friends here US president Barack Obama Visit in India 2010 related Latest questions and answers is ready for you.

1).When Brack Obama visit in India?
Answer:- 6 November 2010,

2).with how many airoplane Barack Obama came in India?
Answer:- 40.

3).Which hotel booked in delhi for Obama visit?

Answer:- ITC Morya.

4).What is Barack Obama airoplane name?
Answer:- Airforce One.

5).Where Barack Obama stay in Mumbai?
Answer:- Taj Hotel.

6).Is Barack Obama visit in Manibhawan?
Answer:- yes.

7).How many companies CEO came in India with Barack Obama?

Answer:- 250.

8).What is Barack Obama's car name?
Answer:- The Beast

9).How many Beast and Beast looking car came in India with Barack Obama?
Answer:- 4 (1 original+3 copy).

10).How many members can sit in Beast(Obama car)?
Answer:- 4 aprox.

11).For how many days Barack Obama stay in Mumbai?
Answer:- 2 days.

12).The United States would be spending a whopping ----------- million approx per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.
Answer:- $200


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